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All-In-One Contracting

30% higher energy efficiency

Cost optimizing

treeeco ENGIE Energie - Niederlassung Leobersdorf

The treeeco - ENGIE Energie All-In-One Energy Contracting not only enables the optimization of existing installations, but also covers all steps in the construction and operation of (a) modern, renewable energy supply installation(s).

Depending on the framework conditions of the project, it can also be a multivalent energy supply. The heat can be obtained for example from a biomass boiler and a solar thermal system in combination with a photovoltaic or heat pump system.

treeeco - ENGIE Energie heat supply systems are operated exclusively with renewable resources (biomass) and are tailored by treeeco as an all-in-one energy contracting solution to meet your requirements.

This energy contracting model encompasses all steps: from the analysis of the current status through the technical planning, ensuring subsidies and financing, installation construction and the procurement of raw materials to operational management.

The focus of our concepts is always on your reliable, cost-effective and sustainable heat and energy supply, based on state-of-the-art technology.